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Quality is never an accident. It's always the result of high intentions,
sincere efforts, intelligent decisions and skillful execution.

Office Cleaning

Whether your company is an office, a clinic, a school, a retail space, building, place of worship or maybe a restaurant, Cleaning by Consuelo, Inc. delivers professional, consistent Cleaning services that keep your employees happy, safe, healthy and most of all, productive.

Commercial Cleaning
We have the skills, tools, and expertise to get the job done right for Office Cleaning, Floor – strip and wax, Carpet shampooing, Window Cleaning

Day Porter
Keep your busy building clean and refreshed during peak business hours.  Clean, litter-free lobbies and common areas, Fresh, fully stocked washrooms, Tidy kitchen, cafeteria conference rooms, and break areas after rush periods. Continuous touch-point Cleaning for a healthy environment.  Immediate response to spills and other Cleaning emergencies.

Daily and Periodic Cleaning
We take care of Periodic Cleaning done outside business hours or during holiday shutdowns.  Carpet Cleaning, Wall washing, Washroom hygiene Cleaning, Kitchen deep Cleaning, Telephone & IT equipment Cleaning.

High dusting
Cleaning by Consuelo, Inc. is fully equipped and certified to Clean hard-to-reach areas in your building: walls, beams, trusses, pipes, ceilings, and lights.

Washroom steam Cleaning
An efficient, chemical-free, environmentally friendly way to remove bacteria, grime, lime scale, and mould build-up from bathroom surfaces.

Ceiling tile Cleaning
A cost-effective, convenient way to refresh ceilings stained from grease, smoke, ageing, sunlight, or dirt and mould.

Kaivac Cleaning
An easy, fast, no-touch Cleaning system that deep Cleans washrooms, kitchens, hallways, and equipment. Kaivac Cleaning is so thorough, it can even prevent and contain disease outbreaks, including serious threats.