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Extreme Cleaning

Cleaning by Consuelo Inc. provides Extreme Cleaning for properties even after years of hoarding and other possible toxic dangerous conditions.

Hoarding is a mental health issue that has recently been getting public attention through the media.  Demand for “Extreme Cleaning” is now higher than ever before.  Cleaning by Consuelo Inc. brings sensitivity and understanding to the job of cleaning out hoarders’ residences, as well as expertise on Extreme Cleaning.

Hazardous Contents Cleanout

Years of content accumulation often leaves hazardous materials in residential properties, making anyone who enters vulnerable to contact with them.  Both respiration and skin contact can lead to serious medical conditions.

Ordinary household items are a cause for concern, but so are outdated and banned materials in unstable containers, or in the vicinity of benign materials that could become hazardous through exposure.

In “Extreme Cleaning” situations, animal, insect and vermin waste is another major concern.  The use of proper protection, technique and materials is imperative.  Cleaning by Consuelo Inc. provides expertise on the disposal of hazardous, toxic materials, and can relieve you of this arduous task.

Disinfection & Sanitization

“Extreme Cleaning” and sanitizing is essential, to remove years of human and animal residue, dust and other allergens, plus toxic and hazardous materials.

Ensuring a property has been properly Cleaned and sanitized using the right equipment, technique and extreme Cleaning materials will help ensure that the hoarder’s residence is now fit for human habitation.

Cleaning by Consuelo Inc. has the equipment and the knowledge to Extreme Clean and sanitize a home, no matter how bad the situation may be.